Cobb is not the one who should apologize

Cobb is not the one who should apologize | Letters …
Another person, Phil Newton, a worker for the Adirondack Voters for Change, sarcastically suggested that maybe the diagnosis would “shake people up a bit.” From these reactions, Elise Stefanik not only blames Tedra Cobb because the AVC endorsed her but insists she should apologize, condemn their responses and return all contributions.

The 9 Rules for True Apologies | Psychology Today
A true apology keeps the focus on your actions—and not on the other person’s response. For example, “I’m sorry that you felt hurt by what I said at the party last night,” is not an apology .

What the Bible Says About Apologizing
People should try to confess sins as soon as we recognize them, but sometimes it takes a while. We should also try to apologize as soon as possible to others, though it does mean swallowing pride and letting go of inhibitions or fears. People are responsible to one another and to God and must live up to that responsibility.

When You Should Apologize… And When You Should Not
When you apologize to someone, you hand them the power— to extend forgiveness and appear like ‘the bigger person’, or to deny the apology and make you feel like crap. This does not mean we shouldn’t apologize when we mess up. But apologies should not be trivial or rendered often. Especially not when we meant what we said in the first place.

3 Reasons to Apologize Even if You’ve Done Nothing Wrong …
Take one for the team—As the leader, there are times you need to take one for the team. You may not personally have been at fault, but if your team has dropped the ball, you should take the blame on their behalf. Weak leaders will often throw their team under the bus when they’ve made a mistake.

When You Should Not Apologize – LiveAbout
You also should not give a non-apology, or an apology that is void of responsibility. If you say, “I’m sorry you feel that way” it doesn’t address the underlying issue or make your friend feel better. In this example, avoid starting off with an apology but probe to find out what the issue really is and talk it through.

Why That Person Who Hurt You Will Never Apologize
Harriet Lerner, Ph.D., is the author of many books, including the New York Times bestseller, The Dance of Anger, and Why Won’t You Apologize: Healing Big Betrayals and Everyday Hurts. Online: website

Why do people demand apologies from others when they know …
It’s a very petty and imature way to exsercise power, I honestly don’t get why people do it, when I see people do it, I tell them it’s wrong, it’s conceited and narsasostic, and an abuse of power, especially if it’s power you don’t have. I also as…

What Does the Bible Say About Apologizing?
Make room in your hearts for us. We have wronged no one, we have corrupted no one, we have taken advantage of no one. I do not say this to condemn you, for I said before that you are in our hearts, to die together and to live together. I am acting with great boldness toward you; I have great pride in you; I am filled with comfort.

Can I Forgive Someone Who Doesn’t Confess Wronging Me …
And should not you have had mercy on your fellow servant, as I had mercy on you?’ And in anger his master delivered him to the jailers, until he should pay all his debt. So also my heavenly Father will do to every one of you” — you get thrown into prison — “if you do not forgive your brother from your heart.” (Matthew 18:32-35)
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