Mauke still celebrating Cook Islands Games success

Mauke still celebrating Cook Islands Games success | RNZ News
Mauke celebrate winning the 2020 Cook Islands Games. Photo: Facebook/Cook Islands Sports Mauke won medals in all 21 sports they contested but the bulk of their success came in athletics, with 2016 Olympian Alex Beddoes among the star performers.

‘Maukean way’ Manea GamesCook Islands News
Mauke’s population is under 300, so even if it is the lower figure, people believe it is still too big a burden for the island. Mauke’s cadet writer says she has learned that during the 1999 games Mauke raised $20,000 locally through housie and CISNOC gave $30,000.

The Fiji Times » Cook Island Games reboot billed as chance …
The Cook Islands Sports and National Olympic Committee (CISNOC) are hoping a reboot of the Cook Island Games will help boost domestic athletes in the country.

Cook Islands Stories
The Cook Islands is a country divided by ocean, a 1.8 million square kilometers mass of water separating each of the 15 islands. But each year in a special event, that vast distance ceases to exist, when the far flung islands come together for a festival to celebrate nationhood. Continue reading

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The principal denomination is the the Cook Islands Christian Church (CICC), represented in Mauke, as elsewhere, by large whitewashed plaster building with Gothic doors and windows. Each year the islands celebrate Gospel Day, commemorating the landing of missionary John WIlliams on Aitutaki in October 1821.

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Use established games like Scrabble, Charades or card games , or create brand new games that use reo Māori Kūki Āirani. Start a collaborative project, or volunteer your time, skills and knowledge to help out a community group with Cook Islands arts and crafts.

Cook Islands Language Week 2020 – Event Info and Resources
Cook Islands Māori is an Eastern Polynesian language that has a few different dialects. This language belongs to the same language family as New Zealand Māori. Those that speak different dialects can still have conversations and understand each other.

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The diverse Cook Islands represent a true spirit of southern seas – on many of these islands people still are living slow paced and tasty lives amidst beautiful scenery. As always, there is the other side of the coin: frequent warfare in the past, terrible hurricanes, and worries about rising sea level.

Culture of Cook Islands – history, people, clothing …
Cook Island had a name and it wasn’t “Cook Island” that’s just a white man’s name for it. It wasn’t a privilege to name it after James Cook. He just went and named it after himself. Put it on paper and made a name for himself. The Islands real name is and still to this day is named Hawaiki-nui long before white man step foot on the land.

The Airline of the Cook Islands – 3rd Level New Zealand
The Cook Islands are located some 4 hours flying by jet from Auckland between Tonga and Tahiti. There are some 9,000 people living on the main island, Rarotonga with a total of some 15,000 on the 15 inhabited islands that cover some 2.25 million km 2 of the Pacific Oceans that makes up the Cook Islands. There are three island groups – the southern group being the most populous, while the …
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