MP Cheng Li Hui helps fulfill dying woman’s wish in getting incarcerated son home

Her last wish
I met Mdm Tan in a housevisit in 2017. Though frail, with a corset around her waist, she said she was fine. She had income from room rental and children. There was a sadness I couldn’t quite fathom but she assured me all was fine. I did not take any photo and just held her hand through the closed grille.
In Nov 2019, I visited again and a cheery Mdm Tan welcomed me into her living room. I remembered her from my earlier visit so I enquired further and realised …she was happy as her son would be released from prison soon. I was amazed by how much stronger she had gotten.
A month later, she came to my Meet-the-people’s session and told me sadly her son did not get released. She thought he would be after 20 years. I told her I’ll help her to fight for home detention, to have her son by her side for her last days.
Sometimes residents asked us for testimonies and we couldn’t because we do not know the person. But I witnessed how much strength it gave her and I could strongly attest to the need for her son to be with her.
Mdm Tan passed away during GE with her son by her hospital bed for the week. We just made it to fulfilling her last wish.
My tears finally rolled reading the email from Mdm Tan’s niece, the one who brought her to my Meet-the-people’s session. It almost felt like destiny.
Some residents want their MP to be estate manager, some to be eloquent advocates for certain causes, some to take care of them, we wear many hats.
I am the quiet type but I’m usually very cheery and I believe in my work, my party and how our leaders have their hearts in the right place.
Right after GE, we are following up on what we took down during house visits. Many things have happened in the last 3 months and we couldn’t do much visits due to Budget and Circuit Breaker.
There’s work to be done, together.
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