Thankful guest who served SHN sends Red Bull drinks to staff at 23 hotels

Singapore—When they receive good service, people write thank you notes, or leave good reviews.
But one woman, who works for energy drink company Red Bull, was so thankful for the excellent service she got while serving a Stay-Home Notice (SHN) at a hotel that she sent the staff a case of Red Bull drinks.
The guest, identified by mustsharenews as Ms Keely, recognized how hard the staff have been working, and wanted to do “something nice” for them.
She sent them the energy drink to help keep them going.
The satisfied customer posted about her good experience at PARKROYAL Hotel on Kitchener Road on the Singapore Hotel Quarantine Information & Experience  Facebook group earlier this month.
Other guests who had similarly served SHNs responded to her post, writing about their pleasant experiences in other hotels as well.
Ms Keely ended up sending cases of Red Bull drinks to the 23 hotels the commenters mentioned.
Someone heard of what the field marketing manager with Red Bull had done for the staff of different hotels, and told mustsharenews about it, much to Ms Keely’s surprise.
She told them that she was “really astounded” by how much the staff of PARKROYAL had to do and wanted to repay them.
Among the hotels where satisfied customers serving SHNs have stayed are JM Marriott and Genting Hotel in Jurong.
Indeed, a look at PARKROYAL On Kitchener Road’s Trip Advisor page shows that the hotel has been receiving good reviews from people who have served their SHNs.
A guest who had stayed there last month praised the concierge especially, and wrote that they had a “ Great SHN experience .”
“Thank you for an excellent service during my stay for SHN. The concierge was very helpful in supplying all my requests. The room was clean and spacious. It is modern decor and many points for charging devices and good work desk for getting things done on computer. The bed was very comfortable. Staff are very courteous and accommodating.”
Another happy customer posted a photo of the note the hotel gives guests when they reach the halfway mark, or day 7, of their quarantine, which came with a paper crane.
The guest wrote, “What a pleasant surprise upon receiving the wonderful scroll and a paper crane outside my room door this evening of quarantine Day 7!
It was really comforting and heartwarming! ”
The guest shared it with her friends, who appreciated PARKROYAL’s thoughtfulness.
“Serving this 14 days quarantine was not as easy as I thought it would be…at times, my mind and emotions got derailed. But when this special note came along, it certainly helped with the anxiety. I truly appreciate the warm gesture and support of Park Royal on Kitchener team’s effort!,” the guest added.
Another grateful guest wrote that she viewed her time at the hotel as a  “‘Staycation’ rather than an inconvenience.”
“Thank you for your many kindnesses to me; from dropping clean room linen and collecting the old, whisking away my bin bags and spiriting my husbands daily food offerings up to me, alongside cheerfully receiving my calls. For ringing my bell and disappearing in a puff of pixie dust, to standing back with smiling eyes behind your masks and gloves, I wholeheartedly thank you.”

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