Winnebago Gets Off-Road Suspension, LS7 V8 Before Tipping On Its Side

Motorhomes are excellent vehicles to get away in, trekking into the countryside for some quiet time with the majority of everyday comforts in tow. They’re not all the go-anywhere overlanding machines that are gaining popularity today, but that doesn’t dissuade people from converting them. In a new MotorTrend Channel YouTube highlight, the Dirt Every Day team takes a 1975 Winnebago Brave and gives it an off-road suspension before taking it out.
The team installed Dana 60 axles, a 205 divorced transfer case, and beefy tires, doing all they could to preserve the Winnebago’s trademark styling. Once they complete the conversion, the two attempt to take it to tackle some dirt at a hillclimb. It’s a sketchy excursion, the already tipsy Winnebago listing like a dingy in a derecho as it attempts to navigate up the sandy hill. The finicky 440-cubic-inch V8 gives up halfway up before the two get it restarted. The clip ends before the Winnebago makes it to the top, but the restart did have the engine sounding better.
The second half of the clip has the two removing the old V8 to replace it with a GM LS7, giving the off-road Winnebago “like 700 horsepower” (521 kilowatts). They begin by removing the generator from the passenger-side rear end, which they’ll eventually learn was a mistake. Removing the old engine required cutting portions of the frame, though eventually, the crew replaces the mill before taking it to the blacktop to do burnouts. It takes a minute, but the tires break loose, sending smoke into the air before the Winnebago tips over onto the driver’s side with a crunch. Judging by the laughter, neither was hurt.
The 1975 Winnebago Brave’s already-tall stance makes it ill-suited for the off-road lifestyle. Adding a high-horsepower LS V8 doesn’t help, either, but it certainly makes for a fun package, even if the motorhome ended up on its side.

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